Our company is your number one source for AS400 programming and training within the United States and Canada.

We provide RPG/RPGLE programming, S/36 conversions to Native 400, and specialized  iSeries training.

RPG Programming - We have professionals with experience in most types of applications such as manufacturing, medical, distribution, and government, with 3rd party or in-house custom software.  
No project is too small or large.  Our primary languages are: 

RPG36, RPG 400, RPGLE, and CLP.  We also provide custom system design and development for any application.   

Training - Training sessions are limited to 10 participants per course and includes all training materials.  Training is provided at the customer site on their AS400.  We customize the training courses to fit your specific needs.  Courses offered are: 

AS400 operations - 3 days, Programming - 3 days, and Query 400 - 2 days.  Contact us for more specifics and a copy of a typical course outline.

S/36 Conversions to Native 400 - Convert flat files to DB2 files, RPG36 programs to RPGLE, OCL to CLP. DSPF36 to DSPF, Menu conversions.  Free estimates for conversions.
Support - We can offer basic operations, programming, admin, and technical support.  

We DO NOT support hardware.